The Best Fundraising Activities

Posted October 15, 2014 Fundraising

Organising some fundraising activities to get you booked on your trip not only raises some funds to go towards the costs, but also creates a stronger team! In the TP office we're regularly raising money for charities (so it's a good thing we all enjoy cake) therefore we've become pretty knowledgeable in types of fundraising activities. For some inspiration, we have made a quick list below of our favourites...

A Raffle

It is a popular fundraising activity for a reason – it's easy peasy and effective. For a really successful raffle you'll need some fantastic prizes, so don't be shy, ask around. Anything from a bottle of wine to a dinner voucher at a local restaurant will make fantastic prizes which will entice raffle ticket purchases.

Bake Sale or Tuck Shop

If there are enough keen bakers in your fundraising group, you'll be able to hold quite the event. To encourage high quality produce, you could also have a rosette ready to be awarded to best sponge rise, or most detailed décor. Remember to price up your treats according to the type of audience you will be attracting!

Car Wash

A car wash takes a bit of advertising and organisation so that your team know their responsibilities. Depending on how thorough you will be, give a competitive price against the companies in your area. Buckets and sponges at the ready!

Guess the Weight

An obscenely large jar of sweets, or human sized teddy would be perfect as guess the weight subjects. This doesn't have to be done during one day as you can take the guesses as well as contact details to inform the winner of their winnings a few days later. This will give you a good amount of time to reach your target.

Supermarket Packing

Customers doing their big weekly shop are likely to be grateful for a hand packing at the checkouts, especially if they know it is going towards something positive. You'll need to pre-organise a day which suits the supermarket and maybe get some help in approaching the manager.

Jumble Sale

Fundraising is the perfect opportunity to say goodbye to clothes which don't fit, games which you've grown out of and clutter you don't need - 'one man's junk is another man's treasure'! Look out for a local car boot sale, or arrange the use of a local venue/school to set up your own event.

Promise Auction

You can be quite creative with this activity in the promises that you offer up for auction. Things which would work could include mowing a lawn, cooking a dinner, offering to get the jist. Create little certificates or vouchers which can then be redeemed.

Sports Competition

Get two teams together for a basketball, football, netball, rugby or volleyball game, then secure a venue. Your school is likely to lend a hand, so it is worth starting off there. But, if not, contact your local leisure centre; there's ample opportunity then to charge spectators for tickets, sell food and drink at a pre or post BBQ, and kick off a raffle.

Sponsored Activity

Getting sponsored for an activity is quite broad if you're creative, it could be anything from a fun run, to a swim-a-thon, to a dance-a-thon. Online fundraising sites make getting donations easier as you can send the link in an email and post it on your social media accounts. Make your fundraising page attractive with a great picture and some further details about why you're raising the money.

Treasure Hunt

This will take quite a bit of organisation and creativity. You can charge participants for the first clue and then let them race to the hidden prize. Whether you let them know what the treasure is, or keep it a surprise, make sure it is good so there's no anti-climax at the end - you want people to be talking about it for weeks after you've put all of that effort in!


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