Top 10 Travel Essentials

Posted November 19, 2014 Travel-Essentials

After making yourself comfortable having boarded your plane, you glance over to the person sitting across the isle and feel totally green with envy. There they are, sitting all comfy with their array of travel accessories and variety of entertainment options for the flight. Whether you're chilling by the poolside, sunbathing on the beach or sitting comfortably on your flight, doing a bit of holiday shopping for the bits below will help to expand the joy of a break away.

Travel Places App

For a Travel Places client, the Travel Places app is an obvious necessity for stress-free journeys. Free to download - it allows you to access information about your flights, hotels and car hire conveniently from your smartphone. The most recent version now lets you also see your departure terminal. Download it now from your app store.

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This smart and convenient portable speaker is a bargain price and a packing essential for bass lovers. Use it whilst relaxing in your room, or take it to the beach to soundtrack your sunbathing afternoons.

Travel Hoodie Pillow

The travel hoodie pillow is ideal for a quick sleep and a little privacy. It is a convenient size to pop in your carry bag and can be inflated quickly just before you need it. The variety of colours is just an added perk to accompany your travel attire.

Packing Pro App

The Packing Pro app is an ideal aid whether packing for one, your partner, or the whole family. You can use a sample list, replicate a previous list, or create a new list with 'expert help' (a number of questions to narrow down the essentials). The categories are extensive so there should be no need for last minute panic shopping in duty-free.

Mophie Space Pack

Many people have experienced the frustration of their phone battery draining – how will I know what is trending… how will I do my departure terminal snapchat … I am LOST without my phone.

Fear no longer, the Mophie Space Pack is the perfect travel essential. Not only does it give you extra battery, but more storage to save your fantastic travel photos and videos.

Colgate Wisp

Especially after a long plane journey there is a need to feel a little fresher; Colgate Wisp could be the answer. It is a disposable toothbrush which needs no toothpaste or water; just use it and then throw it away. As it is most popular in the USA, it is easiest to purchase online and is available via Amazon.


The iStraw is a water purification drinking straw which can filter up to 500 litres to reduce up to 99.99999% of waterborne bacteria. The safety of water is always a travel concern as bugs are very unwelcome, so this very portable and neat device is a travel gadget revolution.

World Lens App

Ever confidently tried to order the lamb shank abroad and been punished for your awful translating by receiving an unidentifiable vegetarian option? The Word Lens app is the solution. It instantly translates text in real time by using the camera on your smart phone. Use it for menus, tickets, signs and the hotel room's T.V. manual. Currently at the download price of £0.00 with languages purchasable, it is a translating must.

Personalised Luggage Tag

Lets have no confusion over who's suitcase is who's at baggage collection. 'It's got my name on it. It's mine'. Jumping on the conveyor belt to retrieve your bag is really not necessary if you have one of these.

Monoprice Noise Cancelling Headphones

They're a good compromise in being effective without being extortionate in price. Only real music buffs would notice a dip in sound quality during the noise cancelling mode. Unlike similar models, the noise cancelling mode can be turned on and off to suit the user. It also comes with useful accessories, an inline microphone, and hard travel case.


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