The Best Travel & Training Apps for Sports Tours

Posted October 02, 2014 Schools-App

Get 'Tour Ready' With our tried & tested travel & training apps

For Travel

ICE Standard:

ICE, standing for incase of emergency, is an essential travel app. It stores important information about you such as allergies, medical conditions and medication, as well as contact details for the first port of call. Once downloaded, set the app as an accessible option via your lock screen for accessibility should the situation demand.

Google Translate:

The Google Translate app allows you to translate 80 languages, from Dutch to Malay. You can speak into it, type, write, or take a picture to translate even whilst offline, so no nasty bills to return home to!

For Training


Hydration is essential on the lead up to and during sports tours. Being hydrated can be a huge influence on performance, therefore the waterlogged app is a fantastic motivator with daily goals to track and improve your water intake.


A favourite app for runners and cyclists which allows you to track your route, take on challenges and follow friends. It's conveniently compatible with most phones including some fitness watches.

Zombies run 5k training:

For newbie runners, or those who have been out of training for a while, there is no better motivation to run than being chased by zombies. With the expert 8 week training program you'll be running 5k with ease and with all limbs in tact!


​Great value for money plus world class sporting facilities. Why Valencia is Spain’s hottest new sports destination.

Posted May 16, 2017

For as long as I can remember Barcelona has been the most popular destination for UK sports groups visiting Spain. In fact, it was the first destination I started to send groups to around 20 years ago. However, things could be about to change as more and more tours look to Valencia as a great value school sports destination in a city with a passion for sport, and the facilities to match.

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