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Posted April 02, 2015 BLOG-Cricket-to-Sri-Lanka

Cricket is the most popular sport in Sri Lanka and is a passion and way of life in every village, town and city across the island. It is one of the ten nations to take part in Test cricket and one of the five nations that has won a Cricket World Cup. As a result, it is no surprise that Sri Lanka is home to some of the greatest cricket players.

Both the young and old have a real love for the sport and strive to follow in the footsteps of their heroes. The ultimate dream is to become the next Jayawardene or Malinga, represent their country and become the next role model for this small tear drop island.

The Sri Lankan sides will not only provide great competition, but will give your team a huge, warm welcome on arrival.

However, when not on the cricket field, include cultural and educational experiences with some once in a lifetime excursions and opportunities. As part of our commitment to our social responsibility programme and working alongside Extra Cover, we can offer a unique experience where you can play a huge part in helping some of Sri Lanka’s most disadvantaged school children.


- Compete against some high quality opposition
- Visit the historical ‘Temple of the Tooth’ and absorb its stunning architecture
- Enjoy a bit of culture and witness a Kandyan cultural dance performance
- Observe baby orphaned elephants bathing and playing at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
- Take part in a spot of beach cricket just a stroll away from you accommodation
- Absorb the stunning views of the mountainous landscape.
- Explore the World Heritage site of Dambulla, the most impressive of Sri Lanka’s cave temples
- Witness baby sea turtles take their first steps at the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery. If you’re lucky, you might get a chance to hold one.
- Visit schools and tea plantations set up by Extra Cover

Extra Cover

In 2004, thirty thousands lives were claimed by the Boxing Day tsunami. The devastation of this natural disaster left approximately 1,500,000 people displaced from their homes, infectious diseases rapidly spread across the island and hundreds of square kilometres of paddy land were destroyed.

The mission of Extra Cover is to help some of Sri Lanka's most disadvantaged school children grow up with hope for the future. The charity provides some fundamental essentials such as food and clean drinking water as well as uniform, footwear and educational resources (to name just a few) to 14 of the most deprived schools in the south of the island. The hands on co-founders of the charity, Matthew Hansford and Robert Easton, are "committed to ensuring all pupils have a regular supply of clean, fresh water while they are at school".

Repairs have been made to several school buildings, broken stairs have been repaired and fences erected, providing a safe space in which children can learn. As well as this, funds permitting, the charity plan to build extra classrooms and play areas as well as run tea planting cooperatives. Since the beginning of 2014 Extra Cover has built a school exclusively for children with learning and physical difficulties.


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