FREE Teacher Event - WW2 on the Sussex Coast in Shoreham

Posted February 26, 2015 WW2-TEACHERS-EVENT

Yet another great presentation led by local educator Steve Savage.This time focused on the role the Sussex Coast played in WW2.

Shoreham's airport role as the home of the amphibious aircraft Supermarine Walrus, an aircraft sea rescue squadron involved in the rescue of over 650 airmen from the English Channel, was inspiring.

Steve then moved on to demonstrate an addictive Google Earth application which allows you to search via post code, town or a bird's eye view to see and find defences that were constructed as part of our country's WW2 defence plans – tank traps, pill boxes and look-out towers were placed in specific locations to hinder any hostile invasion from the venerable south coastal towns.

Many of these still exist and have been absorbed into other structures such as gate posts and garden walls . These can be clearly seen via Google Earth. Also, who would have thought there was an abandoned Churchill tank a few metres off one of Sussex's busiest country roads ?

Gary Baines from Shoreham Fort brought along a few of the Forts collection of machine guns.The sheer number of these guns and rounds of ammunition that was brought to the Fort illustrates just how significant this defensive stronghold was considered.

Gary's knowledge of WW2 and the lives of the local people during this time is second to none. He was able to deliver a fascinating presentation which brought to life personal stories of those who lived at the fort, as well as the bigger stories of WW2 during this turbulent period in our local areas history.

Once again Shoreham's finest café 'Toast by the Coast' provided us with a superb selection of local produce that was hard not to enjoy.

Our teacher events are the ideal way for us to meet and share information with local teachers. They provide a unique opportunity to meet face to face with teachers and build our relationships with our core customers – the schools of Sussex.

We are already planning events for 2015 - including a possible visit to the £28m coastal realignment scheme at Medmerry in Sussex. Look our for more information in early 2015.

'Thanks for the evening, we learn so much at these events'
St Andrews School, Worthing


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