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Posted November 27, 2015 Oman-Image

With an abundance of beauty, from remarkable mountains, windblown deserts and a pristine coastline, Oman is the obvious choice for those seeking out the contemporary face of Arabia, whilst wanting still to sense its ancient soul. Oman boasts its rich heritage, embraces society and has a strong sense of identity. Oman’s diverse natural beauty is its main draw card; you’ll find wildly beautiful beaches, incredible mountains and a culture filled history.

Dolphin and Whale Watching

Seeing the Spinner dolphins travelling in their hundreds whilst following small bait fish is an absolute must-see. These dolphins are known and named after their beautiful leaping and mid-air spins followed by a perfect landing with an incredible splash. As well as the Spinner dolphins, the warm waters of Oman are thought to have over 11 different types of dolphin species. Alongside these incredible mammals are also the many different species of whale. This tour will give you a first-hand experience of seeing these extraordinary beauties of the sea. The most seen types of whale that pass through the waters of Oman are blue whales and killer whales.

Springs and Caves

Freshwater, mineral salts, saline and alkaline water are all combined, making the ideal relaxing hot spring bath.The water comes from beneath the ground and is naturally heated by the earth’s core, creating a natural pool at the perfect temperature. Hot springs have been an important part of stress relief and healing in many cultures for thousands of years. Oman is such an amazing destination for natural beauty, but above ground is only half of the story. Oman is tunnelled out with incredible natural underground caves, including the second largest underground chamber in the world, called Majlis al Jinn, or 'spirits meeting place'. Caves vary from lengths, sizes and even geographical formation, seeing the many variations should not be missed.

Jebel Shams - Sun Mountain

Being one of Oman’s highest mountains, Jebel Shams is not just known for its peak, but also for its breathtaking view. The trek up to the natural balcony on the mountain is astonishing. If you want to really see something spectacular watch the sunrise and be taken on a guided tour in the early hours of the morning. Equally as beautiful, watching the sunset on the mountain is amazing, the twilight you'll see truly makes it a once in a lifetime experience.

Traditional Shore Fishing

Oman is known for its impressive style of shore fishing. The unique style of making a net boarded with stones, and casting it over a school of fish passing near the shore is amazing and harder than it looks! Whilst working closely with the locals and working in a team to make the catch, is truly an amazing experience. Along with catching the seafood you can also be taught how to prepare the perfect meal.

Old Muttrah Souk

Amongst the fascinating places to go in Oman, one that excels above all the rest is the Old Muttrah Souk Market. With such a diverse selection of stalls and variety in what is being sold, this colourful market is sure to astound you. There are some good antique shops selling a mixture of Indian and Omani artefacts among with the usual textile, hardware and gold shops. The street food of the market is mouth-watering and the amount of different types of materials you will see is incredible.

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