Top 10 things which really irritate business travellers

Posted February 18, 2015 Business-Traveller-irritants

A blog written by our very well travelled Director at Travel Places, Matt Warren. It got quite the response on LinkedIn which proved what a hot topic it is. It is all of the things we all notice, but try to be too politely British to comment upon.

If you want a good debate or ice breaker, ask someone who travels a lot for work what it is that really irritates them about the whole process, you'll be there for hours! We've had a bit of fun with staff and clients of late asking those frequent business travellers, what it is that really gets your blood boiling. There were some interesting responses some of which can't be mentioned, but here are some of our favourites (in no particular order)...

1. The rookie traveller - it seemed to top everyone's list, the person who holds up the security queue because they simply aren't prepared; they haven't put their toiletries in a bag, they spend an age taking their shoes off, then the PC needs to come out of the bag and if you're really lucky the coat has still got to come off as well. You can spot the frequent flyer a mile off, a quick screen of the security area as they approach, their mind automatically computes which is the shortest queue, you'll notice them proudly holding the PC, jacket folded over that arm, with shoes and belt in the other hand but then they start to get agitated when not only have they realise they have chosen the wrong queue but they've also got a rookie in front of them, disaster of the highest proportion.

2. Airport Security - while we're on the subject of airport security the actual process itself is enough to tip some of you over the edge. Firstly, if you're going to search me you really don't need to ping the elastic on my pants, I can't imagine a gun or illegal device of the description we're looking for has ever been found in this area, I'd be interested to see the stats. Secondly why is it that even though we travel with pretty well exactly the same gear every time that sometimes it's pulled apart and searched and sometimes it's fine?!

3. The walk from the plane back to border control - how is it possible that on every aircraft you ever get on this walk seems to be at least 2 miles and a minimum of 20 minutes? Amusement can at least be gained by watching the unnecessary foot race that takes place between fellow passengers to be the first in line at customs, those with hand luggage only seem to believe they have a particularly strong right to barge their way through the masses to help break that airport PB from plane to car, personally I take great pride if I can delay or even ruin the PB attempt on the occasion that they're competing against me.

4. Children - It's controversial I know, but my word they can be annoying. Kids constantly kicking the back of your seat, not intentionally, they're "just playing", Arnie dealt with that best in Kindergarten Cop. It's not just that, the noise, the crying, the constant crying, it becomes like a form of Chinese torture that you just can't escape from.

5. It's not just the children who cause seat rage, here's to the techophobes who fail to realise that a touch screen TV is exactly that, it just needs to be caressed, not punched so hard constantly that the person on the other side of the screen's - the passenger sat in front of them - head is bouncing back and forth. Expect an argument if you are the man (or woman) with the iron fist.

6. The EasyJet boarding queue - What an experience this is, rarely is man in such a hurry to be somewhere when that announcement that the plane is ready to board is made. It really is a sight to behold. Ultimately my friend we will all get on the plane, particularly now there is such a thing called 'allocated seating'.

7. Why does it take longer to bag drop than it did to check in? The bright new world of online check in was supposed to reduce queuing; it just seems like an excuse to create a different queue, 'bag drop', which is essentially all we were all doing in the first place.

8. Sleeping / sitting next to clients / colleagues - This one is a particular favourite of ours, it's far from ideal, particularly thinking here, open mouths, snoring, bed head, it's just not pretty or cool whatever way you look at it.

9. The bus to the long haul car park - just as you come out of the terminal after a gruelling journey, there it goes off into the distance with everyone in the entire airport on it (it seems) apart from you. Queue obscenities and general feeling sorry for ones tired and emotional self. There will be another bus, but most likely not for 30 minutes.

10. The landing - what happens when the fasten seat belt sign goes off is an astonishing act of human endeavour, grown men will move faster than their overweight bodies will generally allow them to just make sure that they get their bag down first.

We haven't even covered customs queues, baggage queues or any kind of queues, these have to be annoying for pretty well everyone, and we never made it into the luggage hall where people will do anything to get the optimum spot as those bags come around the belt! Let us know any you might have and we'll add them in next time!


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