Top Places to Eat In New York

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Step into a vibrant and exciting venue lavished with incredible interior and a delectable range of treats. Lafayette salutes tradition and boasts a French market range that includes ‘Egg Lafayette,’ served with perfectly smoked sable and crowned with trout caviar. Alongside perfectly assembled meals, they also have a range of cheeses, home made pates and rillettes. Ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this restaurant will leave you planning your next trip.

Russian Tea Rooms

With a newly modernized and daring menu be sure to see things exotic with entrées like cocoa-dusted seared venison with truffle-scented cheese dumplings. The modern continental cuisine at The Russian Tea Room is merged with a Russian flair, perfecting the restaurant's radiant décor. The seasonal menus are dynamic and inventive, yet pay homage to classic dishes, including the renowned Tea Room Blintzes.


This iconic, trendy eatery is an idyllic place for a long leisurely brunch. Known for their array of different breads to accompany the many options of breakfast, they have everything from a warm sourdough to soft chewy brown bread! For those who have a sweet tooth in the morning, the sour cream hazelnut waffles finished with a dollop of warm berries is an absolute must.

Red Lobster

The Red Lobster is very passionate about making sure it serves the best seafood possible for guests. The Red Lobster really go the extra mile when it comes to making sure the best dining experience is brought forward. Everything from the fisherman catching the seafood, the master chefs expertly perfecting the flavours and the waiter bringing it to your table, the experience is flawless.

Tree Bistro

Avoid the hustle and bustle of New York City and escape into a courtyard filled with an amazing bistro style interior, alongside a wide range of remarkable main dishes. A broad list of handpicked wines has been put into a perfect list for you to enjoy with every mouthful. A visit to the Tree Bistro would not be complete without getting the cookie and cream panna cotta accompanied by a deep friend Oreo!

The Shake Shack

The Shake Shack is home to New York City’s finest burgers and milkshakes. The thick hand spun milkshakes come in over 10 flavours and have the perfect balance of thickness and taste. What better way to enjoy a flavoursome milkshake than with a shake shack burger (try saying that 3 times)! If burgers don’t take your fancy, the flat top hot dogs are just as impressive, smothered in toppings and nestled in a potato bun! Perfectly golden onion rings, impeccably crisp fries, coupled with a succulent mouth-watering burger make a perfect feast.

Red Cat

This calm intimate eatery is the perfect place to settle in and stay for most of your evening. With a very relaxed atmosphere you can spend hours over great food and incredible wine. Placed on top of the granite bar, are bowls filled with radishes and garnishes waiting to be infused with tasty refreshments.

Sake Bar Hagi

This buzzy, underground eatery challenges your taste buds located in the heart of Times Square. With an authentic Japanese flavoursome menu (that would scare the subway maps off of most tourists) bring a group, order a few jugs of Sapporo, and keep the small plates coming. With a menu this vast, a few are expected to go without trying, but at less than $10 a plate, it’s worth taking a risk on a dish you can’t say!

Hide Chan Ramen

The Hide Chan Ramen is a midtown noodle bar that serves up the most fragrant ramen soup you will ever taste. The head chef (trained in Fukuoka, Japan) oversees the making of the soups to ensure all the possible mouth-watering combinations of soup are made perfectly. The faultless balance of spices and ratios makes every dish excitingly unique. This is New York’s worst kept secret and cannot be recommended enough.


This elegant restaurant is full of market driven dishes that will not easily fit into any one classification. With so many dishes standing out and pushing the boundaries of tradition, it really makes this venue a truly unique dining experience. Perfect for a long leisurely bunch or an evening of dining and accompanied by a 1995 bottle of Beaumont Chinon

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