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Posted November 23, 2015 NEW-YORK-IMAGE

With no shortage of incredible things to do in New York City, the question of what to do first is almost too overwhelming. Fear not! Alongside all the iconic landmarks like the Empire State Building, Broadway and lest we forget the Statue of Liberty; we have created a list of not so obvious, but still amazing attractions to visit whilst in the ‘Big Apple’.

The McKittrick Hotel

This hotel is home to the interactive theatre experience ‘Sleep No More’. This theatre company takes the audience on an individual journey through a performance of Macbeth. It all starts from the moment you enter the elevator of the hotel. You are free to venture throughout the showing of your own accord, perhaps not for the easily spooked. The play changes throughout the year, but always consists of a spooky plot and audience participation!

China Town

Take a walk through the colourful streets of China Town and allow yourself to be transported to a different country. You will see beautiful jewellery and exotic food being sold along with square watermelons, fried scorpions and live eels! With some of the best restaurants in NYC, China Town offers cuisine of virtually every province of mainland China and Hong Kong along with Malaysian and Thai.

Shakespeare in the Park

On a warm summer evening in New York City, the perfect way to spend your evening is sitting in Central Park watching a classic play by Shakespeare. This is truly one of NYC’s most spectacular attractions on offer; with the perfect setting and exceptional acting this comes highly recommended.

American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History is one of the most celebrated monumental museums in the world. With over 32 million specimens of plants, animals, fossils, minerals, rocks, meteorites and human cultural artefacts there is endless amounts to see. It is known for its iconic Barosaurus at the entrance of the museum, which is truly breathtaking

Times Square

Times Square is one of the most iconic parts of New York; just walking through it is enough to leave you speechless. With so much going on it’s hard to know where to look, with the billboards making midnight feel like midday, it truly is a remarkable experience all your 5 senses will be left wanting more. There is nothing better than a walk through Times Square accompanied with a large street store salted pretzel.

See a Pro Sports Game

With so many pro sports teams and games in progress throughout the whole year, no matter when you visit you should be able to catch a game. Professional baseball teams include the Yankees and the Mets. The New York Rangers play pro ice hockey whilst four pro soccer teams play out of season in NYC as well.

The Improv show

Many of America’s best comedians started in small NYC clubs and worked their way up to national tours, TV shows and movies. Sometimes Broadway can be a little overwhelming and on the pricey side, but you can watch up-and-coming comics try out their funniest, raunchiest and most outlandish routine. The Magnet Theatre is home to this hugely entertaining night and makes a fantastic venue for an evening of comedy.

Watch Jazz

Jazz is New York City’s soundtrack, so partaking in an evening of jazz is a must-do. The Vanguard and Blue Note come highly recommended for an evening of live music. A little further off Sheridan Square is The Cornelia Street Café, with a narrow basement club serving good food and featuring eclectic and esoteric entertainment with a great village vibe that goes back decades.

Chelsea Flea Market

New York might be famous for its bagels, but the culinary excellence doesn't stop there. Visit Chelsea Market to try some of the city's finest foods. The market has more than 35 vendors selling everything from wine to cheesecake. More than 6 million people visit the spot every year, making it one of the most-trafficked destinations in New York City.

9/11 Memorial Museum

The 9/11 museum is like no other museum, alongside the powerful memorial, there is still a sense of shock and devastation. Despite the extremely powerful emotions that that are felt at the site, it is an absolute must-see attraction in New York. It honors the lives of those who were lost in the 16 acres of the World Trade Centre, the memorial is a tribute to the past and a place of hope for the future.

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