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Posted December 10, 2015 DAY-OF-THE-DEAD-OKTOBERFEST

So, you have saved up your pennies for that well deserved trip abroad, it is now time for that all important decision - ‘’Where in the world shall we go?!’’ Whilst we can’t decide for you, we can offer you some ideas of our favourite places to go abroad and when the best time to go is! Whether you are looking for a summer getaway or a culture filled experience, we have it all. We have created a list of destinations to date, so let the planning commence!


The Jaipur Literature Festival is a humble event which has now flowered into the largest literary festival in the Asia-Pacific. Both Indian authors as well as those from abroad appear at this festival. The sessions consist of readings, discussions and question and answer sessions. Explore an array of different writing cultures and get lost in the world of literature.


Chinese New Year is a breathtaking time of year, in late January or early February, Hong Kong is lit up with a colourful parade, fireworks, firecrackers, traditional dances and breathtaking parade floats. This spectacular time of celebration changes each year as it falls on the 23 rd day of the 12th lunar month of the Chinese calendar, so it may fall in January from time to time.

Not only is Singapore renowned for its incredible shopping and corporate culture, but people seem to be blinded by this and sometimes don’t see the diversity in this incredible place. Thaipusam is something that is hugely celebrated in Singapore, although, it is originally a Hindu celebration. It has been brought over to celebrate power, youth, virtue and honour. The chariot procession will be followed by dancing, music and street stalls. See the city transformed and embrace this tradition!


Holi is the most colourful of all the Hindu festivals. This vibrant festival salutes winter and welcomes spring in an array of colours. It consists of throwing paint powder over each other, be sure not to wear any clothes that you care for! Dyed water is also thrown from windows, so there really is no getting away from it! Whether it’s coloured water balloons, paint powder or paint balls, throw yourself in and enjoy this multi coloured party!


Japan is the perfect contrast of traditional and contemporary, this culture filled destination is a unique place which has blossomed into an amazing way of life. Speaking of blossoming, when travelling to Japan, April is prime cherry blossom season. ‘Sakura’, the Japanese word for it, is eagerly anticipated during the winter months. April is the perfect time as some will be fully in bloom, some just starting and some still to bud.

The Songkran Water Festival takes place from April 13 to 15. It looks at the history of the Asian and Buddhism ‘Songkran’, or Thai New Year. It is a Buddhist festival and the kingdom’s most important public holiday. The word Songkran is derived from Sanskrit and means "Astrological Passage". It is celebrated by one of the world’s biggest water fights! It marks the end of the dry season, and alongside throwing water in various different ways, it is also a time that people wash their Buddha icons in temples.


Peru in May is the best time of year to visit, especially Machu Picchu. Hiking the Inca Trail is the best way to see the “Lost City of the Incas.’’ With the mass groups that come in June, seeing Peru just after the rainy season whilst it is still lush and green is ideal. The true beauty of this country cannot be captured in any other form. There are still few sights in the world that can match that first glimpse of the mist-shrouded ruins at dawn.


Grand Canyon
Picture the Grand Canyon, and you’ll probably think of the view from the top, but June is the prime time to travel down to the bottom, and there’s no better way to really get to grips with the world’s longest and most awe-inspiring canyon!


Wander the land that gave the world Genghis Khan and experience the rich pageantry and intense competitions of the legendary Naadam Festival. Witness giants wrestle; archers hit impossible targets and horses race to glory. Travel the region’s sand dunes to uncover Buddhist monasteries and cultural treasures in this unique place. Enjoy overnight stays with local families for an extraordinary cultural experience you won’t forget.


Tomatina is a food fight festival held on the last Wednesday of August each year in the town of Bunol near to Valencia, Spain. Thousands upon thousands of people make their way from all corners of the world to fight in this 'World's Biggest Food Fight' where more than one hundred metric tons of over-ripe tomatoes are thrown in the streets. Prior to 2013, anywhere from 40,000 to 50,000 (reported to be 50,000 in 2012) people crammed into this huge tomato fight, greatly expanding Bunol's normal 9,000 person population. Since 2013, official ticketing has been in place limiting the number of participants to just 20,000 lucky people.

Home to Africa's richest resident population of wildlife, you can visit the Masai Mara at any time of year, but if your goal is to see the wildebeest migration (which it should be) then you need to be in the right place at the right time, and August is prime time to see this natural phenomenon.


Papua New Guinea
Over the three-day weekend closest to the September 16th Independence Day, over 100 tribes gather at Goroka in the Eastern Highlands for a celebration of their cultural diversity. Expect high humidity and rain at any time of the year


Although Oktoberfest is traditionally celebrated in Germany, if you want to celebrate the exciting festival, but without the craziness then Holland is perfect. The Dutch do tend to go all out with this festival, although it’s a little more toned down compared to the Germans. So put your hair in plaits, grab your clogs and enjoy the festival!!


Iceland is a popular destination because of its elusive Northern Lights, but the land of fire and ice is also a great place for adventure sports alongside relaxation. November is a prime time to see the Northern Lights and you can do everything from snowmobiling on glaciers to snorkelling between tectonic plates and even spotting humpback whales


Kick-start your year with a bang! Spend New Year’s Eve in Australia and be part of the flamboyant firework display on Sydney Harbour Bridge.Sydney itself always puts on a good show, with its stunning harbour and iconic architecture it really makes it a vibrant destination, but on New Year’s Eve the city is at its most spectacular. Fireworks paint the sky with light and colour that then reflects onto the marvellous harbour

Berlin Christmas
Berlin, the capital of Germany, is only a short flight from the UK at just under 2 hours. This makes it the perfect destination to escape and soak up some Christmas feeling! The city boasts Christmas Markets, festive food, and fantastic atmosphere.


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