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Finding Private Locke - WW1 Battlefields

Posted April 22, 2016
At the end of April my colleague Kirsten and I visited the beautiful city of Ypres in Belgium. We had a series of meetings with accommodation providers and local tour guides who assist us in arranging...

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How accessible is Rio?

Posted March 08, 2016
With an abundance of attractions to see and experience in Rio, it can be a little overwhelming deciding on how to get around. Often traveling around a city with so much to pack into a day it can b...

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Top attractions in Rio and their accessibility

Posted March 08, 2016
Brazil is not only known for its breath taking beaches and most won world cups, but has so many cultural and unique attractions to offer. It truly is one of the world’s most captivating places to visi...

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Posted February 12, 2016
Darren Davis - member of The Scouts Team has compiled his top ten songs associated with scouting...... British Sea Power – Remember MeThe sheer fact that they dress like 1930’s boy scouts and featu...

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Who is up for an adventure challenge?

Posted February 08, 2016
WHO IS UP FOR AN ADVENTURE CHALLENGE? How do you make your trip a bit more special than a just a standard holiday? How about by adding an adventure challenge to your tour! Experience every ounce o...

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Top Places In the World To Spend Valentines

Posted February 08, 2016
For The Relaxed Paradise SeekersHau’oli la aloh!- Happy Valentine’s Day! Hawaii offers 6 romantic islands to chose from, all equally as idyllic for a dreamy getway. For a real authentic Hawaiian night...

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Valentine's Day In London

Posted February 08, 2016
Whether you love it or think it is a whole bunch of mushy nonsense, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! For those that are part of a duo, London has a huge amount to offer and its time to start plann...

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Proof that fundraising does work!

Posted February 05, 2016
Whilst at a recent presentation evening with Salisbury Scouts about their upcoming tour to the USA, the audience (over 120 people) and I were very fortunate to get to listen to a talk from a member ...

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Why Iceland?

Posted February 04, 2016
At the moment everyone seems to be raving about Iceland (the country not the shop) so, just before Christmas I decided to see what all the fuss was about and I was not disappointed! Iceland is a un...

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