3rd Interamericano Moot 2018

Youth from America and the world are travelling to Cusco from July 27th to August 5th, 2018 for the 3rd Interamericano Scout Moot.

The III Interamerican Scout Moot’s educative proposal is based on the development of the Inca Empire - "Walking together through America".

Archaeological excavations have discovered that the Cuzco Valley was already inhabited by primitive settlers about three millennia ago . Legend has it that around the twelfth century, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo were sent to earth by their father God of the Sun and emerged from the waters of Lake Titicaca. Their mission was to found a new kingdom to improve the living conditions of the people. He gave his children a golden rod and told them to push it into the ground wherever they stopped to rest. When they reached a spot where the rod sank completely into the ground with a single push, they should build a sacred city of the sun, to be named Cuzco.

Peru and Cusco is undoubtedly one of the world's top destinations for lovers of nature and biodiversity. Blessed with the richest ocean in the world , vast unexplored Amazon forests and the highest tropical mountain range in the world , the possibilities for the development of biodiversity in its territory are virtually unlimited . With a little more than 10% of all species of plants and animals on earth and a surprisingly diverse range of climates and ecosystems, Peru has become an Ark of modern Noah for nature lovers , who along with students worldwide, visit Peru to acquire new knowledge and learn about the unique varieties . The Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, Manu National Park and Tambopata National Reserve are havens of nature.

The event organisers are preparing a program based on the cultural richness of this ancient civilization The Qhapaq Ñan, or Inca Trail. This is a symbol of the integration of the people, an expression of collective work, solidarity, cultural exchange, search and discovery. Thus, the program of the will be an expression of an educational proposal based on these principles and a space for personal development, to live by the Scout values and celebrate multiculturalism and diversity, affirm the values of the Scout Movement, commit ourselves to the environment and thus build a better world.

Working with Travel Places certainly enhanced the experience we had. The staff were helpful and acted in a timely way to any query we had. Whether it was before our departure when they arranged wheelchairs at all of the airports for us, or on our departure from Tokyo when they helped with our overflowing luggage, their help was invaluable. We have begun planning our next adventure with Travel Places – I hope it will be the first of many!
Cath Wright, Unit 48 Scout Leader
Thank you to Travel Places for your amazing organisation, professionalism and customer service throughout the two year journey – we quite literally couldn’t have done it without you!
Jessica Plumtree, Unit 18 Scout Leader
Planning the logistics, accommodation and programme for over 4,000 people is very challenging and delivering this in the Japanese heat must have been a real challenge. Your team were professional and resilient throughout. Travel Places played a part in the success of the Jamboree Experience and your support is appreciated not only by the CMT but by the wider contingent.
Matt Hyde, Chief Executive - The Scout Association
Thank you for your patience, flexibility, advice and support throughout the project. The dedication you showed throughout was incredible. The Contingent really enjoyed the pre-event experience and post-event tours. This of course was largely thanks to your thorough organisation and planning. Your support and expertise on the event allowed myself and the rest of the Contingent Management Team to really focus on ensuring the participants had the best possible time, for which I cannot thank you enough.
Richard Taylor, Contingent Manager, Roverway Finland 2012
I wanted to write to you to formally thank you for all your hard work and support over the last year on the Roverway project. I know that at times things were quite tough and you, and your team, often had to respond to late changes and last minute requests. Thank you for your patience, flexibility, advice and support throughout this project. The dedication you showed throughout was incredible. I know I speak for all the members of the Contingent Management Team and the International Office when I say that we could not have delivered the event without you.
Roverway CMT Team

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