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Neo helps to answer a key question in corporate travel… is the business trip worth the cost?

The effective use of Neo within your organisation has the potential to:

  • Increase business value
  • Give greater visibility and control over employee corporate travel

Through Neo, managers can gain a greater insight into the potential ROI and ultimately aid the decision making as to whether the trip will be a beneficial venture. Neo allows businesses to:

  • Ensure travel policy compliance
    Employees will be channelled into using only company approved providers without it feeling like a heavily mandated process. Managers can quickly and competently view and approve trip itineraries.
  • Increase employee productivity
    Drastically reduce the time employees spend searching providers and sifting through multiple windows to book a trip, allowing them to do what they are actually paid for!
  • Control and forecast travel spend
    Managers have full visibility of schedules plus travel and accommodation spend. By getting the full picture managers can amend and approve business trips quickly and easily.

  • Travel policy compliance
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Control and forecast travel spend
  • Increased visibility over business trips
  • Increased safety for travellers
  • Reduced travel costs
    By providing travellers with the most convenient yet cost effective itinerary, your company is saved time and money per trip.
  • Keep on top of the information that’s important to you
    Financial reports analyse spend information for routes, suppliers and more, giving you an increased insight into your spend. Reports on how employees use Neo, allows you to optimise your travel booking process and improve Neo adoption rates throughout the company.
  • Know your teams whereabouts & enhance duty of care
    In line with your company’s legal duty of care, Neo provides accurate and comprehensive data on where your business travellers are at any time, allowing you to assist them, especially in the case of an emergency.