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The Best Travel Apps For Your Trip To Japan

21/05/2015 | News

So you’re off to the Jamboree but you want to be a little more organised than your average traveller? Whether you’re a Scout leader or a part of a Scout group here are some useful apps ahead of your trip to Japan.

1. WAYGO Translator & dictionary

WAYGO is a popular translator app that has won numerous awards. WAYGO is brilliant as it can be used offline (perfect for on the campsite!) You can also hover your phone’s camera over foreign text which will then be instantly translated for you! WAYGO is also available in Chinese, a bonus for anyone heading on the post-event tour to Beijing


MAPSWITHME is a vast online map that can cover nearly every country worldwide. Like WAYGO, it can work offline so there is no need to worry about an internet connection. There is also none of the hassle in trying to fit a large map in your rucksack! However the `lite’ version will not allow you to search addresses or places so it maybe worth paying a little for the complete version.

3. Japan Connected Free Wi-Fi

In recent months Japan has just rolled out extensive Wi-Fi over 143 of its subway stations. This app is simple to use, and once registered it will allow you connect to a large number of Wi-Fi hot spots free of charge!

4. World Travel Guide by Triposo

One comprehensive guide for the whole world, ideal for your post- event tours! Triposo is free and it also works offline! You can become inspired by the number of suggestions it provides, based on your location, the weather etc. Features include; handy maps for finding your way around, a currency converter and a phrase book for non-English locations.

5. Tokyo City Guide

Visiting Tokyo? Then download this FREE city guide catalogue! It’s like a tour guide in your pocket and it will help you on your Japanese trip. With reviews integrated into the app, it is perfect when looking for somewhere to eat or visiting attractions. The app is also available offline!

6. Line

Line is very popular in Japan and is probably seen by many as the Japanese version of `WhatsApp.’ Making calls home from Japan will be extremely expensive, so why not make free calls home while at a Wi-Fi hot spot? The main app is free although, some emoticons and additional sticks will be chargeable. If you fall in love with the app there are a number of Line shops all around Tokyo.


If you want to keep up with what’s going on in and around Japan, then the News on Japan is the app for you! The app covers in English Business News, Economy, Stock Market, Politics etc.

8. Tokyo Metro Subway

The Tokyo subway system ranks seventh among the world’s longest subway systems. This clever little app will help you get from A to B around the capital. The Tokyo Metro Subway app will also help you make the most of your time when in Japan.

9. Voicetra

Voicetra is a speech translation app for travellers who wish to translate spoken phrases into a variety of languages. Simply talk English into the app and it will translate the phrase into Japanese, even the voice itself speaks with a Japanese accent. This app is also available offline and has the added advantage of being FREE!

10. Gurunavi

Gurunavi is a great restaurant app for your smart phone. The app allows you to search for a restaurant by cuisine and location. It is important to keep an eye on this app as they often include special offers and discounts!

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