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Brighton Half Marathon In Aid Of Rise

03/03/2015 | Cultural, News

Travel Places running club have been running together on Monday nights since the beginning of the year.

We have been building up to the Brighton half marathon and even got up that extra bit early, meeting at the office for 6:45am to clock up the miles before work!

On the day of the half marathon we all met on the train between Worthing and Hove and got involved in the hype on the train as it was completely full of fellow half marathon runners! There were a few people heading up to London nice and early hoping that the train wouldn’t be busy! It was a lovely sunny day, and nice and cool which is great for running! Having chatted away about our run, we even managed to secure another £5 donation from a kind lady sitting opposite us! Go Team!

We walked down from the train station feeling pretty nervous, yet excited, as we all chatted and were excited to start!

As soon as we got there, we went to the Rise tent where we had a lovely picture taken and were offered cake, tea and biscuits before we set out! Before we knew it, we were off to the bag drop where we unfortunately misjudged the distance! It was right at the back and we nearly missed the start of the half – but luckily there was time for a quick loo stop then we were in the half marathon crowd!

We finally crossed the start line 11 minutes after the initial gun shot fired and we were off. 🙂

The team spread out and the more ambitious ones were off on their own to try and get a good time and set their own pace.

THEN…there were the awesome foursome (as I like to call us). This consisted of me (Carly), Sarah, Josh and Emma!

The first 5 miles were challenging and involved a pretty hefty incline. We were happy running, chatting and getting cheered on by friends, family and Rise team supporters. Through some areas, we were surprised how completely silent and eerily quiet the crowd were – very strange! So, we thought it necessary to cheer ourselves on and luckily, Sarah had enough cheer for all of us to keep us going!

Fuelled by Sanchia’s Jelly Babies, we stuck together through to mile 10 when I unfortunately got a little tired due to my prior injury and let the threesome continue without me! I finished 8 minutes behind and low and behold, they were there at the finish line to meet me and finish the race as we started!

We all met up at the Pitcher and Piano for a well deserved drink with our supporters and fellow TP runners! We compared notes and times and congratulated ourselves on a job well done!

At the end of it, the weather turned and went from being a beautiful sunny day to a horrendous windy, rainy day and counted ourselves lucky! 🙂

Thank you to everyone at Travel Places for all your amazing support, encouragement and interest in our running.

We have already raised an amazing £1000.00+ for Rise and hopefully have a few more donations to come in.

Carly Millard

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