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Chestnut Tree House 10K

20/08/2014 | Cultural, News

Part 1 – Pippa

As the countdown continues for the Chestnut Tree House 10k in Sussex, training picks up in the Travel Places office so that personal bests can be achieved. This month hundreds of fundraisers had their packs delivered which determined what their number shall be; I am runner 105 and proud.

If you haven’t already heard of it, the Chestnut Tree hospice is a fantastic charity in Sussex which is home to many children and young adults who have life limiting illnesses. It is the only children’s hospice across Sussex and the South East of Hampshire. It cares for 280 children and young adults from ages 0-25 as well as supporting their families which can involve psychological and bereavement support. What the hospice can offer greatly improves lives and helps to create as many happy and fun moments as possible. It costs up to £3million a year to fund; therefore it relies on the support from local volunteers and fundraisers. On an ongoing basis, Travel Places is proud to support Chestnut Tree House and has a team of 16 ready for the 10k.

The other day it dawned on me just how far 10k was as I drove back from a weekend away. When my trusty sat nav let me know that I had 6 miles left of my journey, it put into reality just how far my little legs would need to carry me… I suddenly felt a very long way from home. First set in panic, swiftly followed by defeat, and then the need for chocolate cheesecake. However luckily enough, whilst eating my cheesecake at home, I came across a Chestnut Tree video which pulled my motivation straight back up. It might be a little early to be hearing Christmas carols, but I’m a holidays fan and I want to help make sure memories like these continue to be made for the children and their families.

For this race, it really is the taking part that counts and not the finishing position or way in which you complete it. There’s still time to sign up, be it as a runner or volunteer, so click here to get involved; or if you’d like to support the Travel Places team, our fundraising page can be found here!

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