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Learning doesn’t have to stop when the school bell rings for the end of the day – there are plenty of opportunities to learn valuable knowledge throughout our lives. As they say –‘Everyday is a school day!’ which means the Scouts acts as a learning platform for life!

Traveling abroad with your Scout group is a hugely educational experience – as the group will get submerged in different communities, cultures and activities. Alongside of this they will get to see some amazing sights first hand which is so much better than reading about them in a text book!

All travel in general is some sort of learning experience, especially for those that might not have been lucky enough to travel abroad before. Group trips can help with team building skills and personal development. You can also add a more evident educational aspect, for example –

Belgium | A walk through the WW1 Battlefields in Ypres and Somme will definitely help the Scouts grasp the impact of WW1 and help with their GCSE history home work!

Iceland | Prime examples of physical geographical processes can be found on the land of ‘Fire & Ice.’ A walk on the Sólheimajökull glacier is an amazing (but cold) experience

Salisbury Scouts really are planning a trip of a life time, with an educational element – in summer 2017 they are travelling to USA to see Great American Total Solar Eclipse, which will take place on 21st August, the first total eclipse in the USA for 38 years. Their planning has begun, and they have even received a letter of encouragement from Nigel Peake, Tim Peake’s father. Tim Peake is currently is an astronaut on the International Space Station –

Dear Scouts of the Salisbury District

As you make your plans for watching the Great Solar Eclipse in 2017, high above you in orbit is a former Cub Scout whose interest in space was kindled at an early age.

Tim Peake, now spending six months on the International Space Station, was, in his own words, an ordinary village lad. But I know if he were with you today, his message would be: “If you want something badly enough, go for it”.

When he was only about 13, he set his heart on an Army career flying helicopters and achieved his aim by joining the Army Air Corps. He was then determined to become an instructor and did so, despite some people telling him he was too young. After that, he worked hard to become a test pilot and did so, taking a degree in science at the age of 36.

And finally, he saw online the opportunity to become an astronaut, applied, and was chosen with five others from 8.000 applicants.

At every step of the way, it was his perseverance and sheer hard work that carried him through. Now he’s living his dream 260 miles above earth. So good luck to each of you in your chosen careers and keep looking to the stars.

With very best wishes

Nigel Peake

They are going to combine this amazing ‘Astro-Science’ experience with a stay near the Yellowstone National Park at Buffalo Bills campsite, which is managed by the Boy Scouts of America. Here the group can interact with local Scout groups in an array of activities including horse riding, abseiling and white water rafting in the true American countryside. If only normal schools days were as action packed as this!

We are all keeping our fingers crossed that the 21st August 2017 is NOT a cloudy day!

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