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The world of motorsport is not just about Formula One®. We are very privileged to work on many world-class events, helping teams, sponsors and media with flights, hotels and cars at some of the most glamorous locations around the world.

Some of the series that we are involved with include:

  • 13 gruelling rallies in the most diverse conditions possible – Sweden in mid-Winter, Australia in Spring and the heat of Greece in June. The World Rally Championship series is another logistical challenge that is met by the team at Travel Places Sports Travel Department.
  • GP2 is now in its twelfth season and is still just as exciting and just as demanding on teams, which is why it is increasingly important to have the travel logistics just right. 11 races are lined up for 2015 with some of the world’s most exciting young drivers on show; our team will help them get to the start line.
  • The FIA Rallycross World Championship is gathering momentum and it’s an event we’ve been delighted to be involved with over the past few years.

Our team also work with two wheels as much as four. Some of our clients are involved with Moto GP and many other series’ across this vibrant sector of the motorsports industry.

Contact our team to talk further as to how we can help you with your upcoming travel requirements and event schedules.

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