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Neo takes the hassle out of travel planning

Neo removes the need for hours of researching, booking and managing business trips through consumer sites.

Neo offers:

  • Full itinerary planning on a single platform
  • Clear & easy to navigate interface
  • Mobile optimized experience
  • On the go timely travel updating
  • Simple approach to complying with your company travel policy
  • Intuitive technology that learns user preferences
  •  Convenience to book complete door-to-door trips anywhere and on any device, allowing you to compare prices  without having to switch between multiple online windows.
  • Neo will only bring up results that are compliant with your company’s travel policy. This means quick and easy approval of travel arrangements from managers.
  • The Neo user experience is incredible. Travellers are able to tap and swipe to access driving maps, flight numbers and hotel pictures or even a street view of the final destination.


  • Door to door itineraries
  • Fine tune your trip
  • Single platform trip booking
  • Phone, tablet & computer compatible
  • On the go travel updates
  • Neo is intuitive and learns traveller preferences and will prioritise the flights, rail and hotel options that you usually choose. New destination? No Problem, Neo picks suppliers that are popular with other colleagues.
  • When travelling, especially over longer distances, circumstances are bound to change along the way. Therefore timely updates to travel arrangements are a necessity to get you where you need to be, on time and hassle free.

Travel planning has never been so simple!