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We are delighted that you have chosen to use Neo for your online travel solution

To enable you to provide great service to your travellers, manage your travel policy effectively and get the very best out of Neo, we need to start by building your
company profile.

The first step in this process is gathering relevant data and information from you which will enable us develop your company profile and incorporate your company travel policy.

Don’t worry if your company doesn’t have a travel policy as we will help you to create one as part of this process.

You’ll need to have various pieces of information to hand, and to help speed through the build process, we suggest that you gather these together before you start.

The table below outlines what will be required and of course, your Travel Places account manager will be happy to help at any stage along the way.


Account Contact Your key
point of contact
Name and contact details of your nominated main contact.
Company Information                     Office addresses These will be used to help Neo deliver door to door itineraries.
Traveller Categories For example:
Support team
Traveller categories will help define which travel policy applies to which travellers.
Ideally we suggest that there are no more than two traveller categories.
Travel Policy Per traveller category,
Per travel segment
Used to display the correct travel options taking into consideration the traveller category, destination and travel supplier.
User Roles Traveller,
Travel Booker,
A Traveller is the person who will actually travel.
A Travel Booker is someone who has the authority to arrange travel for Travellers. You may decide that everyone in the business can make their own travel arrangements, they are therefore a Travel Booker.
An Authoriser is someone who will authorise travel for Travellers.
Individual members of your team can be in more than one of these categories.
Traveller Profiles All personnel We’ll need a first & last name, email address and all user roles specific to each traveller.
Once your site is set up, each of your travellers will receive an email with their personal
login details.
They will be encouraged to sign in and complete their full traveller profile which will include full name, personal address, passport details, preferences and membership details for loyalty schemes along with any preferences (window/aisle etc) to be used for booking travel.
Negotiated deals &
corporate travel preferences
Airlines, Hotels, Transport Here, we will need details of any negotiated airline, hotel and other supplier deals that you would like Neo to use.
Please also provide details of any preferred suppliers. This will enable Neo to ensure compliance with your travel policies.
Payment Corporate Credit Card,
Virtual Payment Solution,
Your preferred form of payment can be set within an individual travellers profile or company wide.