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Strong Profiles = Happy Travellers

Neo will help you to create a unique Traveller Profile for every Traveller in your organisation.

This unique profile, will securely* hold individual information such as

  • Full names, contact numbers and addresses
  • Passport and credit card information
  • Preferred car rental and hotel chains
  • Travel preferences such as airline meals, air and rail seating, manual or automatic car hire etc
  • Loyalty card membership and supplier codes for air, car & Eurostar

Having this information at its heart will enable Neo to provide a fast and effective booking process and ensure that relevant travel preferences are applied to every trip.

In addition, not only will airlines be able to use this information to provide better service directly to Travellers in the case of disruption, but it will save time for everyone involved in booking travel and should even minimise the risk of missing loyalty points!

The Traveller profile works in exactly the same way whether you book your travel services via Neo or directly with Travel Places and when it comes to creating and updating your Traveller profiles, you have 3 options:

  • Simply upload all profile data for all Travellers to Neo via a .csv file
  • Input all Traveller names & an email address in to Neo and send an email invitation to the Traveller for them to complete their own profile
  • Enable Travel Bookers to complete all Traveller profiles on behalf of the Travellers

Once set up, all Traveller profiles can be easily managed in Neo by either the Travel Booker and/or the Traveller themselves.

*All data is stored securely and within all requirements of GDPR.