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Your Travel Policy is key to Neo working successfully for your business


The effective integration of your Travel Policy into Neo will ensure a hassle free booking process for your travellers, whilst delivering compliance to budget and choice of suppliers for your business.

What makes for an effective Travel Policy?

In short, keep your Policy simple, unambiguous and aligned with your travellers needs.

Uncomplicated Travel Policies deliver better, more compliant travel itineraries and a stress free booking process.

They help to reduce the risk of inconsistent interpretation of what travellers are and are not entitled to when it comes to booking travel.

Who should be involved in creating your Travel Policy?

Engaging colleagues from across your business will help ensure Policy adherence and success.

Operations – Gain the perspective of someone with broad knowledge of your company’s processes by including a senior representative from your operations department.

Human Resources – Engaging your HR department from the start can help with the processes of decision making, when personnel data is to be supplied and used.

Finance – To ensure that there’s a strategy in place for controlling and tracking this major expense category.

What should be included?


Airline Policy ·         Is all travel in economy?

·         Is business class travel permitted for certain Traveller or personnel category’s?

·         If yes to the above, is there a flight duration that this will apply to?

·         Are there any other terms to be considered?

Hotel Policy ·         Is there a per night rate bracket that you would like the hotels to display within?

·         Does this vary by Traveller or personnel category?

·         Is there a certain chain/brand that you would like displayed first?

Car Rental ·         Do you have a preferred supplier?

·         Is a particular grade of car allowed?

·         Should extras – GPS, additional drivers etc be included

Ground Travel ·         Should everyone take public transport?

·         For duty of care, is there a cut off time AM/PM when people should take a taxi?

Negotiated rates ·         Do you have negotiated supplier deals?

You will need to have access to the Airline/hotel/car hire contract with the deal code and other information on.
When uploaded to Neo, your rates will be displayed and can be tracked.