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So once we’re set up in Neo, who can do what?

Assigning different roles to different members of your organisation, will enable you to retain control over who does what and ensure a smooth and hassle free booking
process for all.

It is important to note that members of your team can have more than one
user role within Neo.

These are the team members who will be doing the travelling, which they can book themselves or can be booked by a travel booker. All arrangements will need to be approved by a Travel Authoriser as outlined below.

Travel Booker
Someone assigned to this role can make travel arrangements on behalf of single or multiple members of staff within your organisation. You can assign this role to specific people or make it company or department wide.

When this person views their homepage in Neo, they will be able to select who they are booking on behalf of and that persons name will be displayed in the top right hand of the screen at all times.

On the home page, Travel Bookers will have the authority and access to update their assigned Traveller’s profiles.

Travel Authoriser
These team members are able to authorise and approve travel as per your Travel Policy.

When they log into their Neo home page, trips awaiting authorisation will be displayed.