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Sunday 5 June 2022 was World Environment Day and to mark this year’s campaign, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) published a new guide, with practical ideas to help athletes and sports fans live a “planet-friendlier and healthier life”.

Produced as part of the IOC’s Athlete365 community, with support from the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), the guide identifies the key environmental challenges that need urgent action, offering tips on how to help tackle them through sustainable living.

Sustainability is central to the Olympic Movement’s vision of “building a better world through sport” and the IOC says it aims to ensure that the Olympic Games and the broader Olympic Movement are at the forefront of sustainability, while using the power of sport to help raise awareness about today’s sustainability challenges, and to showcase solutions to address them.

The ‘How to be a sustainability champion’ guide is aimed at the broader sports community, with advice that ranges from ways to save energy and water in our daily lives, through to making our societies more equal and inclusive. It also includes insights from athletes who have engaged in sustainability initiatives, and who share their own experiences of tackling these challenges.

Those lending their support to the sustainability guide include British Olympic sailing champion and founder of the Big Plastic Pledge, Hannah Mills, who said: “Sport inspires and unites, reaching all corners of the globe. By coming together and using our voice to call for action, athletes and sports fans everywhere can help change the fate of our planet. I set up the Big Plastic Pledge to help more of us take a small step to tackle plastic pollution – by making a change every day, we can change the world!”

Tips for travelling sustainably

Alongside water and energy saving, buying less and better, and healthy diet, healthy planet tips, the guide also includes a chapter on how sports travellers can move around the globe more sustainably. From how you travel, to where you visit and what you do when you get there, the ‘How to be a sustainable champion’ guide recommends smart choices that can leave your destination in great shape for future visitors. These include:

  • – Understanding, reducing and offsetting travel emissions.
  • – Using a tour operator with clear policies on sustainability and responsible tourism.
  • – Cutting energy, waste and water when travelling.
  • – Respecting local customs.
  • – Being planet-wise when enjoying sports.

Travel and sport as a force for good

We welcome the guide’s inclusion of travel tips, which highlight some of the actions that athletes and sports fans can take to reduce the impact of their movements on the planet and society. This is a subject close to our hearts at Travel Places.

We fully appreciate the impact that travel and events programmes can have on our resources, society and the environment, and we are acutely aware of our responsibility for developing a more sustainable future. Sport and travel can be a force for good – inspiring and uniting, reaching all corners of the globe. By their very nature, sports align closely with sustainability, whilst the future success of many of the sports we love are also reliant on a clean and healthy environment. It is only by working together that we can have the greatest environmental impact across sporting travel and event programmes.

How we support our clients to be sustainable champions

We are committed to being a leader in the field of sustainable sports and the entertainment travel, following and promoting good practice in sustainability and continually improving our own performance in this area.

Certified for ISO 20121:2012 Sustainable Event Management, we are able to support sports, media and touring organisations wanting to achieve sustainability throughout their supply chain. We help our clients design and manage group movements built on the most sustainable processes, and measure and report on their impact, enabling continuous improvement.

For clients who have minimised their carbon output and who now want to mitigate the impact of their residual carbon footprint, we offer access to Gold standard carbon-offset capabilities through our partnership with Thrust Carbon, enabling our clients to reach zero carbon impact as part of their sustainability goals.

Find out more about how we can support your business in the sustainable event management services pages of our website.

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