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The New Faces of Motorsport

26/03/19 | Sports, News


Introducing the W Series, the ground-breaking women’s racing series with a serious ambition: to change the face of motorsport. Quite literally.

Travel Places have just completed the first two test events for the newly launched W Series, which is the first race of its kind for women.

The W Series is a unique, ground-breaking free-to-enter single-seater motor racing series for women drivers only, with a top prize of US$500,000 for the winner and a total prize fund of US$1.5 million.

Travel Places arranged the flights of 56 of the drivers taking part in the inaugural test event in Melk, Austria. Pending the results of the first event, 28 drivers were selected to move forward to the next test event in Almeria ahead of the series starting in Hockenheim on the 3rd May.

This is such an exciting and inspirational series for us to be working on; we can’t wait to see what’s in store.


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