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Educational Trips

Bring education to life outside the classroom with our educational tours to unforgettable geographical, historical and cultural destinations around the world.

From tours of the lava fields of Iceland to descending into World War II bunkers in Normandy, Travel Places provides a range of worldwide, bespoke educational trips tailored to the needs of the students, curriculum and budget.

Our strong links with the travel industry give us an undeniable advantage in providing educational experiences in the best locations worldwide – helping to significantly improve pupils’ experiences, understanding and passion for their studies.

Simply choose your subject and we’ll show you what we can offer…


We help students explore the depth and complexity of historic events that shook the world and shaped the way we live today.

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See the world at it’s best. Showcasing the wonders of plate tectonics, volcanic wonderlands or national parks.

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We help students realise their career ambitions and put their learning into practice.

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