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School Sports Tours

Touring with your school team is an unforgettable life experience – competitions are fought, friendships are forged and new countries explored.

A Travel Places tour can be designed to include competitive fixtures with evenly-matched local teams, professional coaching and the opportunity to enjoy new facilities – all while following in the footsteps of international sporting heroes.

And the experience doesn’t just begin and end on the sports field. Students get to push their boundaries in other ways – exploring the country, culture and famous landmarks with pre-planned excursions in their downtime.

Simply choose your sport and we’ll show you the amazing experiences we offer…


Fuel your team’s passion for the beautiful game while showing them the world

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Hone your team’s skills around the world with our international Hockey tours

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Cricket is in our DNA at Travel Places with a passion for the sport running throughout.

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Develop their tactical court skills, improve their confidence and foster long-lasting friendships.

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Serve your team an incredible international Tennis tour to perfect their techniques

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From the Rockies to the Alps we provide unforgettable school ski tours

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Stand tall and play ball with the best teams on our unforgettable international school Basketball tours.

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Water Polo

Submerge yourself in the world of water polo with an exciting international tour

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Put your team’s skills, stamina and strength to the test with an international rowing tour

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Boost your team’s skills, confidence and camaraderie with an international Lacrosse tour

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Or see what we can offer in each country:

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