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Technology solutions which save our clients both time and money, whilst delivering their travellers the information they need, in an instant.

We pride ourselves on the bespoke service we give each client in order to meet their teams unique needs. This personalised approach has been the backbone of Travel Places from day one, and is at the core of what we will continue to do for years to come. To support the changing needs of the traveller, and their organisations, we use best in class technology solutions which further supports this personal approach, allowing for tailored solutions rather than a one size fits all process.

Access on the go

Easily access your travel plans and bookings, and those of your travellers, on the go wherever you are in globe.


Fully compliant

Instantly view and book travel solutions that are fully compliant withyour organisation’s travel policy.

Tailored to you

We only recommend travel technology solutions that suit your team’s needs to ensure the technology works for you.

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