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Travel Places’ Chestnut Tree House ‘TrackAttack’ Cycle

20/01/2016 | Inside Travel Places, News

Celebrating the 40th birthday of Travel Places, and a couple of big birthdays amongst management, we have decided to take on the ultimate Chestnut Tree Housefundraising challenge as one of our events to reach our grand target of £40,000. The plan is to raise this whopping amount over 40 different fundraising events during the course of the year for various charities close to our hearts. One of the events that we are all very excited about is the summer charity cricket game at Arundel Castle – do feel free to come along. As a working force of sportspeople, I’d like to think we radiate sportsmanship, but really…THE COMPETITION IS ON!

Keeping the challenge in keeping with the nature of the company, Matt, a member of our F1 flights team, came up with the crazy idea of cycling the combined distance of all 21 F1 races making sure we complete the task by the end of the Abu Dhabi race on 27thNovember. I know, we couldn’t believe it either! However, once we started mapping out the plan we all got excited by the idea and jumped on our keyboards to find different ways of how we could achieve it.

Although travelling to all the different race destinations would have been amazing, we had to think realistically. As you can imagine, there were some fairly ‘creative’ ideas of how we were actually going to do this. There were also a few questions that needed answering-‘How were we going to count how many kilometres we had ridden? How easy will it be to ride 6,401km on a second hand push bike? Would the whole team be up for it? Where will we put the bike? Eventually we sourced what we thought would be THE bike, but no. It turns out we found the tech bike we needed but would, unhelpfully, reset each day! Ta-dah!…then a member of the Marketing team came up with the great idea of a turbo trainer and sending a Direct Message to a bike company/shop to see if they could assist in sourcing a bike!

And SEND. Off went the pleading DM to Giant Store Shoreham to see if they could help in any way. One phone call later and we were informed we would have a year’s use of a £500 road bike, turbo trainer, pump, odometer and more importantly….a comfy saddle (thanks Rod)! After ringing the celebratory office bell and doing ‘the celebratory dance’, it was time to source our Travel Places athletes. Having fundraised for CTH for many years, we are all rather fond of this charity so needless to say, the ole athletes came flooding in. So in a nutshell, we have all signed up to doing a team effort of 30km every working day until 27th November outside of work hours. What better charity to do it for?!

What first could have been a second hand old Raleigh pushbike, attached to god knows what to keep it stationary, has thankfully turned into a flashy new road bike attached to a turbo trainer with an odometer which has taken pride of place in our very own staffroom here in Worthing. Techniques have…um…somewhat varied over the past couple of days; people have seemed to have opted for one of the following approaches so far:

– Eating your lunch while cycling.
– Working out whilst reading.
– Exercising whilst tending to emails.
– Trying to warm up first thing in the morning with a cuppa whilst having a leisurely cycle.
– Working out whilst engaging in a casual game of UNO.

If only you could see everyone; it’s like having a new toy in a nursery, everyone wants a go.

We are highly motivated and driven to achieve our goal and are extremely excited to raise money for such a great cause. If you’d like to help us reach our target, please donate to our JustGiving page.

To keep up to date with photos (some fancy dress, guest appearances, examples of the above approaches etc) please follow us on Twitter and use the hashtag #TrackAttack.

‘As long as the bike wheel is turning, Chestnut Tree is earning!’ Matt Parkhouse

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