Complex group travel

Whether we are managing 35,000 room nights across a 35-day event, or supporting elite sports sustain an international programme through Covid, we understand the unique challenges of each event.

Value added travel solutions

Over 45 years’ experience of delivering high profile events and group travel movements for leading sports, media and entertainment organisations, means we have both the expertise and the credibility needed to secure clients the very best value from their travel budgets.

Sustainable Event Management

We help clients meet their travel needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations.

A one stop shop

Procuring all your travel requirements through a single supplier can have some obvious and real benefits. If you have complex group travel requirements, but also have more regular travel requirements, then Travel Places can help you realise those benefits of a one stop shop.


We focus on developing technology solutions that support travel processes rather than automate them.

We pride ourselves on the bespoke service we give each client in order to meet their unique group and individual travel needs. This personalised approach is at the heart of our technology solution, using best-in-class tech to offer a tailored solution rather than a one size fits all approach.

Through our inhouse systems, we have the ability to drill into any aspect of the travel data and to create monthly, quarterly or yearly reports based around the set parameters requested by our clients. We can also create dashboard reporting that will enable a full overview of the travel spend across all different teams. The reports can be a real time overview of all aspects of the team travel, enabling clear and concise information to be viewed by the required parties to track spend and manage compliance.

Technology partners