A force for good

We accept the impact that travel and events programmes can have on our resources, society and the environment. But we also strongly believe that these events can also be a powerful force for good and we embrace our responsibility in facilitating that.

One of the only business travel B Corporation™ companies in the UK, we are passionate about people and planet – increasing our positive impact on the world around us, supporting our clients to achieve their sustainability goals, and doing our bit for our community of staff, suppliers and charities.

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B Corp certified

We’ve always been passionate about balancing profit and purpose. In 2023, we have strengthened and certified our commitment to using our business as a force for good by joining the B Corp™ community. This is an independent global stamp of approval of the work we do to meet the travel needs of our clients, whilst understanding and limiting the impact on future generations.

A healthier environment

We are working hard to reduce the carbon footprint that our business is responsible for and have introduced a raft of measures, including the installation of solar panels at our offices, which will allow us to save an estimated 6.17 tonnes of CO2 each year. We’ve also switched to electric vehicles and introduced a variety of reduce, reuse, recycle initiatives around the office, encouraging sustainable behaviour from our staff, and incorporating sustainability criteria into the procurement service of goods and services. We have been ‘carbon neutral’ since 2021, having neutralised the emissions we can’t avoid by financially supporting projects that help provide solutions to climate change.

Looking after our people

As a family business, our people are central to all that we do. We’re passionate about looking after their wellbeing, ensuring our team feel safe, supported and included. We are committed to providing a safe, supportive and inclusive place to work, ensuring our community of staff have equal opportunities to work, paying a wage that meets their everyday needs, and providing opportunities for development and growth. We are passionate about providing career opportunities for all and have developed a travel training academy that is introducing newcomers to the exciting world of travel.

Supporting our local community

We are passionate about taking positive action for the communities around us and encourage and support our staff to do their bit for our chosen charities, as well as those that mean something to them. We support awareness-raising and donations, whilst all of our staff are given one day of volunteering leave a year. By investing in local sports clubs, we are helping communities take part in sport and physical activity, and we are proud to have supported young athletes who are facing barriers to achieve their potential.

Working with our partners

We believe in the power of collective action and understand we have a role as advocates for sustainability within our industry. Certified to ISO 20121, we can both advise on the most sustainable travel and accommodation options for our clients, and also support our suppliers to increase their positive impact. We are proud to have a global network of travel suppliers. We work closely with airline partners to maximise the potential for more sustainable air travel for our clients, and with our accommodation suppliers to understand and support the measures they are taking to support a more sustainable stay. By working alongside our travel partners, we can provide the tools that will help our clients make balanced decisions that align to their travel policy and sustainability goals.

Our Sustainability Credentials

Our Impact Reports

Our Impact Reports summarise the culmination of our sustainability efforts throughout 2022.

The 2022 Impact Report tells the story of how we’re stepping up and taking responsibility, how we’re looking for alternatives to the ways we operate, and how we’re always striving to be better. It celebrates our fantastic staff, our valued clients and our suppliers – all of whom have made this progress possible. And it highlights where we’re going next.

The Ocean Network

We are proud members of the Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) Ocean Network platform, which demonstrates our commitment to the protection of our environment. The Ocean Network is a national movement with 300 like minded business members who are united in their passion for protecting our beaches, waves and wildlife.

Sustainable Event Management

Working closely with our global network of suppliers, we advise and report on the most sustainable options for your group or event, helping you to develop and achieve your own ambitious sustainability goals.

By working together, we can have the greatest environmental impact across your travel and event programme. We can help our clients to design and manage group movements built on the most sustainable processes, with the ability to measure and report on their impact with a view to enabling continuous improvement.