2023 Impact Report

Our latest report summarises our sustainability efforts throughout 2023 - from planting a woodland and tackling the carbon emissions of our business, to ensuring we keep improving the working lives of our staff and increasing our community support! Read how we’re stepping up and looking for alternatives to the ways we operate, and where we’re going next to improve on our positive impact.

Our previous reports

2022 Impact Report

Our first Impact Report in 2023, summarised our efforts and activity throughout 2022 to consider and increase the positive impact we have on people and planet.

In the face of today’s climate emergency, we can’t escape the fact that the industry we’re in, and the events we support, have an impact on our resources, society and the environment. But wonderful things also happen when we move around the world. So, we’re on a mission to take a different approach to business travel and help our clients travel in more sustainable ways. Becoming a B Corp certifies what we have been doing for many years to do that.