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Simply, Neo can save you and your travellers time, money and hassle 

A recent survey* of business travellers revealed some pretty alarming statistics…

Travel Places are introducing Neo as a perfect next step in the delivery of efficient, individual, corporate travel booking.

But how does it actually work?

Neo enables travellers to put together complete itineraries or book individual segments of their trip, based on their own search criteria, preferences and company policy, in just one click.

When booking a business trip with Neo it asks three simple, yet fundamental, questions:

  • Where does my journey start?
  • Where does it finish?
  • When do I need to be there?




  • Door to door itineraries
  • Prioritises what’s important to the traveller
  • 1 click to book full itinerary
  • Ability to quickly and easily fine tune your trip

As the traveller, you can decide which factors are most important to you.

  • Neo searches and integrates content from thousands of suppliers and providers covering air, rail, car, hotels and  ground transportation
  • Neo presents the traveller with a fully timed, priced and travel policy compliant, door-to-door (not just airport-to-airport) itinerary for the entire trip
  • Neo can outline alternative flights, rail, hotel and ground transport options to help fine-tune your trip while keeping to the overall schedule.

The time it takes to book business trips is reduced from hours to just seconds!

* 2017 KDS survey; 1,200 UK & US recipient