April 30, 2024

Change to International Driving Permits from 1 April 2024

The process for obtaining International Driving Permits has changed. Since 1 April 2024, drivers can no longer purchase an International Driving Permit from their local Post Office branches and will instead need to visit a participating PayPoint location. Here we explain what an IDP is and when you need to have one.

International Driving Permits are official documents that validate your UK driving licence internationally. They are used for driving your own vehicle or a hire car abroad, providing a translated format of your driving licence. An IDP is not an international driving licence. It is in addition to – not a replacement of – your UK driving licence, and is recognised in many countries across the world.

International driving requirements differ from country to country and they can also depend on the length of your stay. Many destinations in Europe, such as Italy, Spain and Portugal do not require drivers to have an IDP, but an IDP is mandatory in more than 140 countries where you won’t be able to drive without one. Even in countries where you are not required to hold one, it still may be useful to have it so as to avoid any inconvenience.

What has changed?

Since 1 April 2024, the place you can get an IDP has changed with the Post Office having stopped providing this service. You can now get an IDP from a verified PayPoint shop.

Useful to know:

  • An IDP is valid for up to one year
  • To apply for an IDP, you must be at least 18 years
  • You must have a valid full driving licence – either a photocard of paper version
  • You can’t apply for an IDP more than three months before you intend to travel
  • You can’t get an IDP issued retrospectively
  • You must have the correct IDPs for all countries you are intending to visit
  • If you hold a driving licence from the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, outside the UK, or drive under diplomatic licence, you are unable to apply.

Check the current rules on when you should get an IDP, which IDP you need and the rules for driving abroad. It is important to go to a verified vendor to get an IDP otherwise it may not be valid. You can find your nearest PayPoint store here.

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